Stewart International is THE Travel Department for most of the organizations that we work with. As such, unless business or first class is requested, it is our goal to provide the most expeditious and inexpensive air options available. As many of our clients are funded by government grants, we are also familiar with and mindful of USAID restrictions.

Our computer system has the ability to compare fares between cities and to identify the lowest fare for any routing. Moreover our staff is trained in fare construction which often enables them to achieve reductions above and beyond those identified by the computer. Where appropriate, we are happy to negotiate group rates and/or volume discounts.

As the travel business is in a perpetual state of flux, we constantly monitor electronic and print media in order to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry and the world at large. Thus, we stay abreast of the many "start-ups" that offer introductory rates that drive down fares in certain markets.

Our vigilance also allows us to be pro-active when airline strikes or political unrest is anticipated. Should a disruption occur, we can instantly access a list of passengers who might be affected so that we can take the appropriate action. The safety of our passengers is our greatest concern.

Client advocacy has become an ever-increasing role for us as today's economic climate has caused a significant diminution of airline comforts and services.