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Passengers originating in Boston or New York's Kennedy Airport no longer have to stand in long lines for mediocre take-out before boarding their flights.  Instead they can use AirGrub, the on-demand airport dining app.   It allows passengers to select their terminal and flight time, see available restaurants and menu items, order, pre-pay and schedule a time to pick up their meal.  When they arrive, their meal is freshly made and waiting for pick-up. DIA (Denver International Airport) used to be a $70 cab ride to downtown Denver.  But no more:  passengers can now take the new 23-mile electric rail link.  The line runs every 15 minutes, takes 40 minutes and costs just $9. Long layovers at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport may go by quickly if you spend them with a "friend."  KLM, Holland's flagship carrier has launched a " Layover with a Local" program, which pairs travelers who have at least 6 hours to kill with a local who's willing to show
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