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Spanish Landmark FINALLY Receives Permission for Construction…Over 100 Years After It Began

And we thought the Big Dig was badly delayed. Travelwire recently reported that after 130 years of construction, Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia has FINALLY received the city permit needed to legally continue construction. However, the permit comes at a hefty price. The Construction Board of La Sagrada Familia Foundation now owes $5.2 million for the permit itself and an additional $40 million to cover the 134 years of infrastructure works. While the estimated total cost of construction is well over $400 million, the church is one of the city’s main attractions so construction will probably continue – with or without a permit.
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Connecting Flights are a Breeze with United’s ConnectionSaver Tool

Sick of spending your first flight stressing about making it to the gate for your connecting flight? United Airlines has introduced a new technology called ConnectionSaver that will ensure that customers connecting from one United flight to another will make it on board their connection on time. The tool identifies departing flights that can be held for connecting customers while ensuring that customers who have already boarded will make it to their destination on time. ConnectionSaver works by first scanning flights to identify passengers who are making tight connections, then sending them personalized text messages with detailed directions to their gate to ensure that they arrive quickly. The tool takes into account the amount of time it will take customers to travel from gate to gate as well as accounting for the degree of inconvenience that a delay would have on already-boarded passengers. Since its launch four months ago at Denver International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International, the tool has helped over 14,000 customers board their flights that they otherwise would have missed.
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Book Your Trip to the International Space Station!

Just in case you’re looking for a REALLY different vacation experience, Travelwirenews reports that NASA will begin providing trips to the International Space Station as early as 2020. For an estimated 58 million dollars, private citizens can now purchase a round-trip ticket to the station where they will remain for 30 days as it orbits Earth. But the expenses don’t stop there -- each night costs an estimated $35,000 for accommodations. If you’re interested, you better book soon -- the US space agency plans to end its support of the ISS by 2024.
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Apply NOW for Passport Renewal

If you’ll need a new or renewed passport to travel this summer, apply NOW. We’ve all read about the possibility of longer lines at security check points in the months ahead, but delays are also expected for passport processing.  The State Department has increased the expected processing time for routine service from 6 to 8 weeks.  Passengers who need their passports more urgently can request expedited service for an additional $60.  Processing time for expedited service remains at 2 -3 weeks and for truly urgent situations you may wish to contact the Washington Passport & Visa Agency @800-272-7776.
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