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Helpful Travel Apps

Traveling soon but don’t have enough time to read up on cultural norms and travel tips? These four smartphone apps are designed to help business travelers steer clear of trouble abroad. The Air Force Culture Guide Designed by the Air Force to help its officers adjust to life abroad, this app focuses on cultural etiquette around the world. With categories such as Personal Space and Eye Contact, Conversational Topics, Natural Hazards, and Dining Customs, this app is a sure-fire way to avoid cultural faux pas. Timeshifter Anyone who has ever suffered from jet lag could benefit from the trick that Timeshifter’s developer Dr. Steven Lockley has discovered: carefully managing light exposure days before the trip can make a huge difference in avoiding jet lag. The app takes into account your departing and arriving airports, times of each flight, and whether the user is an early bird or night owl to create a personalized hourly schedule telling you when to seek or avoid light, when to nap, and when to incorporate caffeine. Binaural Another way to avoid a disturbance in your sleep schedule while travelling is to download Binaural. The app aids restful sleep and drowns out distracting noises by emitting soundwaves designed to boost concentration and relaxation. GlobeTips Unsure about tipping practices in other countries? This app is designed to help travelers from the U.S. avoid inadvertently over- or under-tipping in foreign locales. The app features a built-in receipt-scanner complete with a GPS that calculates the exact amount of tip to be paid in accordance with local customs.  
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