Monthly Archives: February 2018

“Tourlina” Travel App for Women

While traveling alone can be rewarding, for women it can come with risks. A new app “Tourlina” hopes to ease female travelers’ anxieties about exploring solo by creating a global, female-only network. Using a Tinder-like format, users can swipe through fellow explorers and friendly locals in order to get travel advice or find platonic companionship, like a buddy to sit with on a long train ride.
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“Cool Cousin” Travel App

You can read all the travel books you want, but none of them can adequately prepare you to experience a city the same way that the locals do. A new travel app called “Cool Cousin” hopes to change this by introducing you to hip restaurants, shops, and galleries that you would have never discovered on your own – almost as if a trendy cousin were giving you a tour of their far-off city. The app’s savvy locals create “personal, map-based guides” to cities and neighborhoods that give users in-depth insight into secret spots little-known to tourists. You can also filter the app by age in order to find the perfect activities for your age group.
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