Monthly Archives: November 2017

Experience Versus “Stuff”

It's the time of year for gift-giving -- have you considered the gift of travel?  A weekend in New York, a romantic rendezvous in Paris... whatever your budget, time-frame, and interests, a trip is so much more than a "thing".   It's anticipation, experience, and lasting memories... And while we can provide the gift certificate NOW, you don't pay for anything until you actually book the trip.  
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The Aircraft You Choose Can Make A Difference

Amidst all of the things on your pre-travel checklist checking on your flight equipment probably never crossed your mind; but as we approach the snowy days of winter it can make all the difference between an on-time departure and miserable hours of delay. Due to the choices that each airline makes regarding the operation of each specific plane type, particular models are significantly more prone to delays and cancellations.  Another factor to consider is each airline's willingness to perform preventative maintenance. Delta in particular is leading the pack in anticipatory maintenance; and their preventative measures have reduced their flight cancellation rate from 5,600 in 2010 to 303 in 2016. 5 more factors to consider when flying: 1.  Regional jets have a record of delays and cancellations far worse than larger jets. 2.  Boeing 737's are THE most reliable aircraft type. 3.  Discount airlines tend to have a weaker reliability record than larger carriers. 4.  Planes with fancy lie-flat seats tend to have more frequent delays and cancellations. 5.  Older jets generally have worse reliability records than younger jets -- except at Delta.
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