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Airport News

Passengers originating in Boston or New York's Kennedy Airport no longer have to stand in long lines for mediocre take-out before boarding their flights.  Instead they can use AirGrub, the on-demand airport dining app.   It allows passengers to select their terminal and flight time, see available restaurants and menu items, order, pre-pay and schedule a time to pick up their meal.  When they arrive, their meal is freshly made and waiting for pick-up. DIA (Denver International Airport) used to be a $70 cab ride to downtown Denver.  But no more:  passengers can now take the new 23-mile electric rail link.  The line runs every 15 minutes, takes 40 minutes and costs just $9. Long layovers at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport may go by quickly if you spend them with a "friend."  KLM, Holland's flagship carrier has launched a " Layover with a Local" program, which pairs travelers who have at least 6 hours to kill with a local who's willing to show
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To Breathe or Not to Breathe

A recently published  guide comparing the air pollution levels in some of the world's top vacation destinations had some unexpected results. The research compared 28 cities in 19 countries; and while Beijing's "dangerous" Index of 328 is not surprising (anything over 151 is considered to be unhealthy) who knew that Dubai has an Index of 222!  And Mexico City, surprisingly, has an Index of just 91 (considered to be "moderate").  Luckily for travelers visiting Paris, Venice or Madrid, all three cities show an Index of 46 or below which is considered "good."   In contrast, Amsterdam has an Air Quality Index of 66 (with all those people biking?) and London is at  77. Bangkok  shows the lowest level ofpollution with an Index of 18 (go figure)  followed by Washington, DC (24), San Francisco and Madrid (both 25).  For further information check out
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