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“Cool Cousin” Travel App

You can read all the travel books you want, but none of them can adequately prepare you to experience a city the same way that the locals do. A new travel app called “Cool Cousin” hopes to change this by introducing you to hip restaurants, shops, and galleries that you would have never discovered on your own – almost as if a trendy cousin were giving you a tour of their far-off city. The app’s savvy locals create “personal, map-based guides” to cities and neighborhoods that give users in-depth insight into secret spots little-known to tourists. You can also filter the app by age in order to find the perfect activities for your age group.
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Robotic Falcons Take Flight at Edmonton International Airport

Birds are becoming a real hazard on airport runways, particularly at Edmonton International Airport.  In order to scare away the birds, a Calgary-based company called Aerium Analytics has created lifelike robotic falcons, complete with wings flapping up and down and a paint job that looks like a female falcon.  Referred to as “robirds”, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) serve as a way to include drone technology in the existing wildlife management system of the airport and could potentially serve as a foot-in-the-door for drone technology in Alberta industries.
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The Culinary Destination of 2017

Attention, Foodies! Food 52 reports that the World Travel Awards have selected Peru as their Leading Culinary Destination of 2017, an award that Peru has now received for six years in a row. With its fresh take on seafood and a cooking style that remains regionally and seasonally conscious, Peru’s reign comes as no surprise. In addition to this award, it seems that Peru’s food is finally attaining the global recognition it deserves; earlier this year, Bloomberg called Lima the “World’s Best Food City” and Chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz’s Lima restaurant, Central, was featured on Netflix’s most recent season of Chef’s Table. It’s nice to see recognition being paid to countries, regions, and flavors outside the traditional culinary vanguard of France and Italy, since places like Malaysia, Argentina, and Peru have food cultures and restaurant scenes that deserve appreciation as well.  
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Air Traffic Control Tower

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to sit in an Air Traffic Control Tower, now’s your chance.  The Punch Bowl Social is a trendy restaurant situated in what was once the Air Traffic Control Tower for Denver’s Stapleton Airport.  Stapleton was replaced by DIA (Denver International Airport) over 22 years ago and all of the airport’s infrastructure has been removed except for the control tower.  It provides spectacular views of both Denver and the Rockies and was designed with its aviation heritage in mind.  An aviation-themed cocktail menu will remind visitors of the building’s history and the décor harks back to the “golden age of travel” – inflight meals, adequate legroom……
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