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The New Age of Sleeper Trains

In this current age of hectic airline travel, where cabins are packed and passengers can be chaotic, it can be difficult to imagine a calm, and dare I say enjoyable, mode of travel. Luckily for those looking for an escape from stressful airline travel, newly refurbished sleeper trains have recently begun rolling into stations everywhere. While sleeper trains were originally exclusive to the super rich in Europe in the late 19th century, the influx of low-budget airlines in the mid-90s virtually killed off the entire industry -- until now. Luxury sleeper trains started popping up around the world in 2017, often including in their pricey packages multi-day guided excursions, as well as private bedrooms with ensuite showers, moonroof observation lounges, high-quality cuisine, and even spa cars. On the more affordable end, several train services in Europe have launched overnight routes complete with double beds -- a hotel-like feel but significantly more nostalgic. Whatever your price range, your experience is sure to beat a crowded terminal and a cramped cabin.
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